marnoryon an loer = mariners of the moon




Or, comings and goings ,...

on this page, pictures taken during

January to April 2016





Remembering our beautiful Piaf,

who died on Sunday afternoon April 17th

after a short illness …




La Vie en Rose


Pauvre Piaf, le petit oiseau

Such a shame she had to go

Petit Piaf,  La Belle Chanteuse

Charming us with her rich, deep purrs

Parting is such sweet, sweet sorrow

Especially from such a brave little sparrow

I think I hear her, purring up on high

Telling us she’s still close by

In our hearts she’ll live on and on

As she sings “ I was so loved in life”

“Non, Je ne regrette rien!”


A tribute for our Little Sparrow

written by another staunch admirer,

our good friend Chris from nearby Burras



My thoughts in her honour are below ...



Dearest Piaf … you were 'My Girl' from the day you were born, and you knew it ...


…  this note is to say to you how much we have loved you for all of these 16 years. It was intended that you would  leave us, together with your sister Brakken, to live at Heamoor, but fate decreed that a cruel injury caused to you by a child meant that you must live your life here with us and all the Moonmariners. Because of your injuries we never let you have kittens of your own, but what a wonderful Aunty you were to all our many kittens over your lifetime.


You have been a loyal and loving friend, and you have always made us feel proud of the friendly way you have greeted our friends and visitors. Everyone has loved you, and for all our life we shall remember you and your odd little habits both in the house and outside.


Farewell dearest Piaf .. we are sure that you always knew how much love we held for you.


Dagrewi rygdhi !  My ath kar!


"Weep sad tears for her ... I love you!"






 Tallulah visited us .. here are two pictures








 On the landing from the left ..

Salsa, Kevardhu, and Billy.

Kevardhu is now in Lu

Billy was visiting us with Tallulah



Over on the right is Toby, who visited us

 with the 'Solomon' clan.

He is holding a special cushion,

made in honour of the lovely

Moonariner Matilda

who died last Autumn






Two pictures of Tykki Duw in her Bodmin home










Two pictures of Ysella (Yssy) wit whom   





Tykki Duw now lives






Kevardhu, shortly before leaving us,

here, with Aunty Kelly





Tallulah .. and two more pictures below


















Giselle (we called her Kynsa!) who now has

a new partner called Kevardhu




Here are Giselle and Kevar together, on the day he left us






                Looking 'down in the mouth'  ( at Hell's Mouth!)






Profusion of Blakthorn (above)


Impasse for Shap and Izzy near Fishing Cove! (below)





Littered beach at Peter Point




In a hurry to get to Lloyd's Bank




Tykki Duw enjoys her cuddles at Bodmin,

as she did whilst here with us!




Friendly pony, on the Knavacks near Godrevy 




We spotted a 7-spotted Lady Bird Giganticus

up a tree beside Copperhouse Creek




Seals, at rest in Mutton Cove





Henry IX does a quick tinkle in Tehidy

North Cliffs car park .. "Over the Rainbow"







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