Moonmariner Colourpoint Persian Cats and Kittens

Breeders of beautiful, much-loved and loving Persian Colourpoint cats for 31 years.

A Moonmariner is a friend for life!!

We decided that 2015 would be our last year of breeding Colourpoint Persians.

Background ... Blue Enigma



marnoryon an loer = mariners of the moon

Marnoryon an Loer !!

Kathygow teg ha hegar, gwrys yn Kernow!



   A picture of Lucy Hendry of Ventongimps,

offspring of Avalon and Adie : Nov 2016 

  1. Since we have now stopped breeding our

  2. Moonmariner kittens, we have decided to

  3. retain the Index (on the right) as it stood

  4. at the start of April, but add an occasional

  5.  page which will be called

  6. Cummins & Cohens:    <<< click here

Brohan, brother to Lady Teg of Camborne, has fallen asleep i his bowl of water !!



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     5   Our stud cats                           

     6   Our roll of honour (with pictures)   

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       The Willow Page   Cats we have loved and lost

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   12 Kittens 2015  ZA  ZB

    13 'Honorary' Moonmariners Shap & Izzy (A B C)

    14 Blasts from the recent past

    14   B and C    Christmas 2014  and  Christmas 2015                 

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