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Poppie (sealpoint) and her sister Lillie (seal tabbypoint) left us in early December 2012 to go and live with Susie and Gordon in the New Forest in Hampshire. They, together with Talan, Alfie, Salsa and their redpoint brother Tango had been a close-knit 'gang', creating mayhem through the house .. a real pleasure to watch, more so than anything on television.

 All seemed to be OK until in late January, Poppie began to show signs of having a problem. There began bouts of short collapses of her back legs. These episodes became longer in length and more worrying so the local vet performed various tests, eventually referring Poppie's case to Specialist vets in Winchester.

It was through their expertise that it was discovered that a cyst was pressing down on her brain and brain stem, and the fluid build could not escape as it normally would,  causing the seizures. Most seizures were petit mal's and then she had one grand mal, which was most distressing to witness. The medication included diuretics, anti-seizure drugs and steroids.  If  someone should experience a similar situation with their pet they might be interested, in the medication she received.  The scan was an MRI,  and Poppie was also tested with ultrasound. Further information would be found by searching on the web. The cyst was described as a Quadrigeminal cyst.

The diuretic medication was prescribed to reduce the fluid in the cyst, since any surgical procedure would be fraught with danger. The duration time of subsequent fits was slowly reduced, but sadly the frequency increased. There came a time when the pressure of that cyst was causing her to become disorientated, and was proving more and more distressing for her and for her owners. The decision to put her out of this deteriorating situation was taken and Poppie was to put to sleep. This happened on April 16th 2013.

Susie and Gordon, already distraught with Poppie's problems, were devastated at the loss of a beautiful and loving kitten, as were we, having watched its development over its first 14 weeks here in Cornwall. We are grateful to Susie and Gordon for their devotion to Poppie for the short time she was with them, and all their time spent ,and efforts made to discover the cause and hopefully put it right. This was not to be. Our vet and their vet refer to this cyst as extremely rare.

Below is a short poem and accompanying picture sent to Susie and Gordon, to mark the loss of their/our beautiful Poppie.

Many tears have been shed, and continue to be shed. Lillie now has to be a real 'comforter'.





Forget Me Nots and Poppies

Are, as neighbours, rarely seen

But with your little Poppie

They seem perfect in this scene

We know she’ll never fade from mind

But the picture may help mem’ry

When you hold Lillie, Poppie’s there too

No more in pain, her spirit free …


With our love .. Cynthia & Terry



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