Tiarella's Page



Tiarella, a chocolate tabby point, was a gentle loving lady. When she was born, and we decided she would stay with us, we thought she would turn out to be like her Granny, old 'ratbag 'Tiz  (who, in spite of the names she got landed with, was a great friend and character!) .. but no! Tiarella was quite the opposite.

She only gave us a few kittens. Her second litter of one was Isis. It was at this time that Tiarella was pressed additionally into service as surrogate mother to Tilia's litter of three, because Tilia suddenly succumbed to eclampsia and very nearly died. Tiarella looked after Isis and Tilia's` three kittens whilst we nursed Tilia back to strength again. Thank you, Tiarella!


 Tiarella was shown in various Cat Shows, and was 'made up' to Champion .. to us she was a champion anyway.

She also produced, amongst others, our magnificent Malteazer!! Her last litter consisted of Jade and Gwyngala.




In recent weeks, Tiarella began to show signs of a digestive problem, which escalated into sickness, and it would appear that there was probably cancer in the digestive tract.


Tiarella has been a good friend to us, and particularly to Piaf.

 She will leave another space in our household, in spite of the number of Persians we have.




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