Chanterelle's Page




Chanterelle came to live with us when she was just a kitten over 15 years ago.

Cynthia picked her up in Reading, (whence Chanterelle had been transported from Kent) whilst in the area for a Cat Show.

Chanterelle was sold to us registered as a Chocolate Tortie Point .. but this was incorrect and we re-registered her with the GCCF as (what she was) a Lilac Cream Point.

At the age of 14 weeks she weighed only a pound and a half (when our kittens leave us they are usually in the region of three pounds in weight). Additionally, much of her pound and a half was made up of livestock in the form of fleas.

Her first taste of our house was a good bath in insecticidal shampoo .We had thousands of dead fleas littering the bench. All this, and proper nutrition did the trick, and Chanterelle blossomed!



Chanterelle produced some lovely kittens for us, which became the beloved pets of various lucky owners.


Chanterelle was given this name because this fungus was a favourite one of ours which we picked and ate in SW France.

It grew under beech trees, and had an apricot flavour


She had a very deep voice .. our Kathleen Ferrier! In her dotage she took to talking loudly in her dark voice to the water bowl, or, after a bout of grooming.

She was a gentle, loving companion and she will, as with all those we have lost, be sadly missed.

Thank you for coming to live with us, Chanterelle.

You were very much loved!



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