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A very young Columbine












 Columbine, returning from 'mouse-hunt' in the goat-shed!





Columbine .. Best in Show!!




Columbine .. farewell friend xxx



Columbine is descended from such memorable ancestors as Melaleuca, Screwy Louie, Henrietta and Nicholas Nickleby. Those beautiful blue eyes of hers were clearly a present from our lovely Louie.

From the start, it was obvious Columbine would be staying with us, both as a show girl and to produce equally beautiful kittens for us. Her daughter Genista also remained with us, in turn responsible for memorable kittens, not least the 'Gruffalo Girl', Miss Tee.


Columbine was always a gentle, loving companion. She was very much Cynthia's pride and joy and travelled many miles to many shows to gain. first, her Champion status, and, later, when retired and neutered, her additional Premier status, and the award of Best of Breed and Best Neuter Persian in Show.

Along the route to stardom were many happy moments, but a few sad incidents with folk who really should know better, but are a disgrace to be masquerading as cat lovers. On one occasion when Columbine was placed First and given a Championship Certificate, another 'breeder' went immediately to the judge to complain that her cat was much better and that the judge should change her decision. This didn't happen!!

At the next show, having been prepared meticulously by Cynthia and looking stunning, they went all the way to Cardiff, but after the judging, Cynthia found, not an award, but a sign saying 'Do not judge; powder in coat'. Some despicable, jealous rival had sneaked past Columbine's enclosure and liberally rubbed talcum powder into her coat, a plan which, sadly, worked to her advantage. What a sick. sick person!!

The sequel to this episode was to be the next show, where, Cynthia noticed the same 'cheat' was there to show her cat. Cynthia and Sally watched carefully till the hall had to be emptied for judging, but, still alert, noticed the evil-doer sneaking towards Columbine's position, with a load of talcum powder in her hands ready for a second 'nobbling' performance. On being confronted she went hurriedly to her own cat and brushed away all this powder, patted her cat then left the hall. Columbine was placed first, BOB and gained another Championship Certificate!!

Powder in coats to nobble opponents is bad enough, and totally inexcusable, but worse things have happened, including antifreeze in the drinking water of an 'opponent's' cat!! There are truly some sick people in this world.

Columbine has enjoyed her twilight years, her favourite walk was up to the field gate, over the bars and into the old goat shed to try and find a mouse to bring home to share with friends.

Sadly, she went less often, more slowly and began talking to the 'spirits in the sky'. Her legs became a little wobbly, and her last week was one of resting in the house and accepting food by syringe. She slowly faded away and left us on Thursday October 24th in the evening.

Thank you, Columbine, for coming to us .. we loved you, and love you loads, and you will always be in our hearts and minds along with your other old friends, also now gone,


h better

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