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This page is dedicated to our little friend Evan the Redd, who died on Sunday evening January 5th 2014



Evan started his sort life under the name Redd. He was born on Monday November 25th 2013 along with his brother and two sisters to Moonmariner Salsa.  The father was Talek. Evan was the smallest kitten in the litter, and always had a battle to get milk from Salsa, supplemented with Cimicat from a a feeder. He was distinctive with his red ears and cleverly arranged himself amongst his siblings with just his head visible. Even when Salsa's milk began to dwindle, and the often tricky time of weaning began, although he partook of most liquid and solid foods offered (favourites being cooked chicken and raw steak mince!) his weight always lagged behind that of the others.


 Sadly, he was much slower at learning what the litter tray was for, and. looking back, this was part of his problem.  He was not digesting his food properly, but passing much of it through in liquid form, thus not getting the proper sustenance from the food. The critical point was reached just before the weekend of January 4th/5th, when after a day of enthusiastic eating he suddenly 'gave up' and although we tried various ploys, his weight, which had gone from under 3oz at birth to about 9oz, began to fall. He became weaker and on Sunday evening shortly after 7pm he just gave up.

The vet had examined him a few days earlier who prclaimed his heart a lungs were OK, it would appear that the development of his digestive system had not developed properly..

We have lost a lovely little kitten, with a wonderful happy nature who, at 6 weeks had won everyone's hearts. We are unashamedly tearful at his passing.












Evan the Redd

Was a special little kit

Who had a charmed life

And was an internet hit.

He played and he prayed with Cynthia and Terry

And his siblings and cousins, Moonmariners merry.


But then he got poorly

And didnít want to eat.

They tried and they tried

But he became very weak.

He knew theyíd done their very best

But all he wanted  was a big long rest.


Now heís looking down on them from upon high

With all the celestial cats in the sky.

And he whispers to them, "Please donít be too sad.

It was a short life but it was the best I ever had.

Iím with you in spirit, Iíll always be near

So look after each other, and all you hold dear."


Thanks for the above tribute, composed by our friend

Chris Hopkinson in Burras



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