Galaxie's Page

Here she is, when young, presiding over

a meeting in our kitchen!











This page is to honour our 'impish' Galaxie who we lost on April 22nd 2014

Galaxie was one of Bryony's babies, and who decided to  to stay and live with us here.

She was a Chocolatepoint,  and was a lively but gentle character from the start.

She produced 5 litters in total over her breeding time, all lovely, healthy kittens who went to good homes. Her last litter (only one kitten) was Salsa who, like Galaxie, decided to stay here with us.

Galaxie's favourite game was to chase the laser light .. her speed and agility were phenomenal .. up walls, crashing into cupboard doors, up and down the stairs.

Sadly, she suddenly fell ill and there was no treatment to save her, so we lost our little pixie character.

She lives on in Salsa her daughter, but we are so sad to have lost Galaxie. 




  Here are a few pictures of Galaxie ..

on the left, with kitten Salsa ..

and on the right with Lucinda ..




On the left is the last picture I took of Galaxie early this year ..

.. and on the right in one of her "I'm  in charge" moods on the tower.


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