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Bryony .. proper title :  Champion DeeBees Bryony

came to live with us, courtesy of our good friend

Dommy Boxall.


Bryony produced a number of fine litters of kittens

amongst which was Galaxie, who we we kept, but we lost last year,

and who figures on the previous page to this one




Bryony is  the only one of our Queens to have adorned both our website's pages over the years and also (briefly!)  the website of another breeder, who claimed Bryony as one of her Queens, alongside a picture of a litter of sealpoint kittens, which were not hers, also 'stolen' from yet another breeder!! The person responsible for this extraordinary cheating was give 24 hours to remedy the farce or be taken to Court .. she complied, but is still breeding and selling over-priced kittens (are they hers?)


A Tilia, Bryony and Piaf cuddle!


Bryony was very keen on her walks out in the 'estate'. Her favourite spots included sitting near Talek's stud hut, under our weeping willow tree.

Her most favourite sun-bathing spot was in the field amongst the geese and ducks, together with Demerara. She was always a quiet lady, keeping herself to herself, but she has left yet another large hole in the current family.

On the left is a picture taken yesterday evening, with Bryony, although ailing, lying in a warm sandwich between Tilia and Piaf.

She loved her life at Kidogo!

                  You will be much missed, Bryony!


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