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Genista was one of Pr Ch Columbine's offspring, and the one we decided to keep, both as a pet, and also to produce more lovely kittens for us. To read Columbine's own special page click on Genista's picture.

She was never a large girl, and tended to be a little more shy than others. She was a gentle lady, and when t came to producing kittens she proved to be a super mother .. very loving, caring and protective of her babies.

Over her short life (only 7 years) she gave us 6 litters, that being a total of 10 kittens.  Chronologically, they were Amber,  Betony, Miss Tee, Madigen, Talan, Lowen, Daizy, Calluna, Tallulah and, last but nor least, Ivy.

Genista had started having problems chewing, and she clearly had a couple of teeth needing attention. We decided that we would 'retire' her from breeding, have her spayed, and get a dental overhaul at the same time. Sadly, the vets discovered that she had a malignant growth in her mouth, and on their considered advice we decided it was best to 'let her go'. At her young age, this all seemed so sad and unfair, and we found it most upsetting. We miss you, Genista!





We thought we would put together a small selection of pictures of  some of her beautiful offspring.



On the left is Betony.


On the right is Genista, serenading her (then) kitten called Madigen, who now lives on the Orkney Islands




On the left is Talan .. a magnificent sealpoint boy who was going to live elsewhere in Cornwall, but we were 'let down' , so he decided to stay with me .

He was truly 'my boy', so loving and devoted.




Sadly, tragically, we lost him, a loss which even now after over two years I find to be so very painful. I still see him in the garden with his bushy tail up and bent over to touch his head, and he would come to me from wherever ge was when called.

To read his heartbreaking story, click Talan's picture.

You might need a paper hanky.





On the left is 'outdoor girl' , Miss Tee


She lives at Burras in Cornwall, with Raffi and Bella, and also (from the same mother, Genista) the beautifil lady on the right, known as Calluna

Finally, Genista's  litter of one .. to be known as Ivy, and now living near us here in Cornwall

 She has grown to be very beautiful, very lively, and very naughty!!

On the right are two pictures, one of Ivy,  just posing, and her last one with Genista ....

Genista, hunting in the garden


On the right, a poem from Chris, with whom both Miss Tee and Calluna live


Thank you, Chris!


Gorgeous Genista


Everyone at Kidogo Farm is very very sad

About Genista one of the finest cats they ever had.

She was part of a delicate, flowery line,

Descended from magnificent Columbine.

She was a great beauty with her lovely hues:

Cream, and the palest of blues.

Yes, we’re all so sorry that she’s now gone

But through her daughters, Miss Tee and Calluna, she lives on …….


Chris Hopkinson, Burras


Genista flower


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