Screwy Louie's Story



Second Chapter ...


Screwy Louie's Story


Screwy Louie was not his registered name but one we gave him, because it suited him ! We heard rumour of a chocolate tabbypoint male which had been sold to a family in Plymouth to use as a stud cat, but these folk didn't have the first or any subsequent idea as to how to look after and manage such a proposition in an ordinary house ... so, when we contacted them they said they would be happy to part with him for the price they had paid. We agreed and met them on Plymouth Railway Station, where the deal was done. When we lifted him into our carrying box, the immediate impression was how thin and underweight he was ... at the age of 10 months he was barely 6 pounds. He came home and settled into a purpose built stud hut, with plenty of inside and outside room, and all the comforts we could give him. When he first came he smelt of Lifebuoy soap, which we assumed had been used to wash him ... and he had a variety of 'wild life' residing on his small body.


We fed him well, having cleared the 'unwelcome extras' and slowly built up his weight and strength. He became much happier, and very lively ... in the morning he came down for grooming either lying round the back of my neck like a scarf ... or he used to enjoy being tossed gently into the air about a foot or so to land back in my arms. He would rush round the run in his hut like a maniac ... up the netting and across all the walkways and logs ... this is where the Screwy bit came from!!


He was eventually shown and he achieved Championship status in three straight shows. He began to mate with our queens and so began the line of our colourpoints with very deep blue eyes. With 'Tiz Wozz' (not her registered name !) he produced Sassafras ... who in turn gave us Tilia the Hun and Tiarella the Hella ... and, when we look at our cats we often refer to those `with the bluest eyes as our Louie Line. For example, if you look at the banner for The Tabby Colour Point Cat Club you will see a pair of the most beautiful blue eyes looking at you ... they belong to Malteazer, one of Tiarella's offspring ... one of the Louie Line.


Louie had been with us for 6 years when he suddenly developed a dreaded urinary blockage ... the vet seemed to think the poor diet in his` early life had initiated this problem. In spite of the vet's and our efforts, poor Louie died at the vets on the day he was going to come home to convalesce. We were devastated. Losing any of our cats has always been and always will be painful and sad ... Louie's passing was particularly sad because, had his start in life been right, he could have retired from his stud 'duties' and lived a happy, screwy retired life into his mid teens with us ... but it was not to be. This little poem says it all ...


Screwy Louie

Screwy Louie…lovely lad

Rescued from a life so bad

Underweight and feeling low

We gave him love…we made him glow

He became a Champion at the shows

And had soon forgotten all his woes

With our girls he gave us kittens fine

He started our deep blue-eyed line

Sadly, his awful start in life

Caught up with him and brought him strife

We lost him…he left an aching space

Yet every day we see his face













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