Bryntin's short story


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Bryntin's Story



Little Bryntin was born on January 8th  2012 to Celeste (x Talek).

He was a sealpoint male who developed well, and was looked after with devotion by his mother. He appeared to have a lot of potential and was 'chosen' to go and live with friends locally.

Like all our kittens, he was given every encouragement to mingle with our other kittens and cats, and to play with, around and on all the toys available

. He played particularly with Talan and passed through the 1lb 8oz weight mark in the third week of February.



Sadly, on Monday February 27th whilst we were out walking our dogs he must have had a fall in which he wrenched his left shoulder and began limping that Monday evening. Since other kittens over the years have gone through this 'performance' we weren't over-concerned.

However, on Tuesday the limping was worse, and the shoulder was becoming quite swollen. On Wednesday morning we visited our vets and were told that there was unlikely to be a break, but the swelling needed an anti-inflammatory injection (meta-cam) which was to be continues orally for three more days.

Unfortunately this treatment seemed not to be having a positive effect, indeed, Bryntin was finding it increasingly more difficult to walk at all. We stopped the meta-cam.



Although Bryntin was eating and drinking OK, albeit with assistance using a syringe, his condition on Saturday worsened, and late in the evening he just gave a few last gasps and died.

I cannot describe how we felt, other than shocked that such a previously healthy lively kitten could succumb so quickly to what seemed like the occasional limping kitten scenario.

We think that Bryntin may have damaged himself more than we thought at first .. perhaps there was some spinal damage as well.


Coming to terms with the death of an older cat is difficult enough, and losing  newborn kittens is so sad, but the trauma and anguish of losing a beautiful kitten who had already acquired a character and personality of his own can only be understood by someone else who has been through an event like this.

We are devastated, and searching around for reasons etc has, of course proved pointless.

Bryntin lies beneath our weeping willow tree and we are planting a lot of snowdrops there to remind us of our beautiful boy.and for as long as we are on this earth, just how hard life can be at times.


Bryntin had a short but happy life, but for the last few days, and we were priveleged to share his fun and happiness.


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