Jonquil's Stories



Fifth Chapter .. our favourite redhead, Jonquil

A redpoint colourpoint .. from the start, as a kitten, she was clearly going to be a real beauty. She was 'shown' and reached the status of Champion.

Sadly, she sustained damage to one eye a few years ago, possibly a bramble whilst foraging in the garden. In spite of various treatments at our vets, the eye deteriorated and had to be removed.

I got into 'trouble' with fellow cat lovers when I put her picture on this website together with the caption which read "There's only one 'I' in Jonquil"

(well, so there is, just before the 'L').

Jonquil 'half' saw the funny side of this ...







'Head Butter'

One eye or two .. a look from her

Would set your heart a-flutter

If you ignored her you would find

She was a keen head-butter!


'Our Calender Girl'

Another title Jonquil acquired over time was her habit, exhibited to all visitors (particularly if they sat on the kitchen chair near the wall calender), to jump up onto the vacant lap.

"A date with Jonquil!"


'Always room for another Groom!'

After her grooming time every morning, Jonquil refused to leave the kitchen, but sat beside our chairs watching her friends being groomed, and as they left she would sit up and beg to be given another 'going over' ..


"Mirror, Mirror

On the wall

Who is the best groomed Persian

Of them all?"




'Spooky' Jonquil

More an indoor girl than an outdoor girl probably led to her odd habit, whenever she went outside to explore, to get 'spooked' if anyone arrived whilst she was in the garden .. she would rush for the door to get back in. On one occasion she found this route not to be possible, and, as a result went missing for three days. We searched high and low .. on the third day we found her curled up on a bin bag in a neighbour's`shed on the other side of the road. The folk renting the property knew she was there but never offered her food or water, or thought to tell us she was there, knowing we had Persian cats. Poor Jonquil was very dehydrated and hungry, and she sat in a bed when back home and purred for hours.





Jonquil with Tilia ..


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