Nutmeg's Story



Nutmeg .. our 'gentle giant' !



Nutmeg whose 'posh' name is DeeBees Nutmeg Spice Gal came to live with us from our friend Dommy Boxall in Threemilestone.

She was always a gentle, 'hide-in-the-background' kind of cat .. never any bother .. fit and healthy until recent weeks when, clearly the time was coming for her happy life with us to come to an end.

Although she had been both an indoor and an outdoor cat, in her final weeks she voluntarily remained indoors .. that is, until her last but one day .. she asked to go outside, even though it was raining, for her 'last look round'. She did, as many previous cats of ours have done over the years. 

This is a ritual which many others have followed apparently quite instinctively and it has always preceded by a day or two the passing of that cat's life.



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