Sienna's Story




On  Friday June 15th, we lost our special girl, Champion Moonmariner Sienna ... fondly known by us all as 'Pods'... she was 14+ and began to show signs of faltering only a week or two ago ... slight changes in her usual habits seemed to indicate that she was coming to the end of her life with us.

She became a Champion in the year 2000 at the change to the new millenium ,, this was at the Supreme Show in Birmingham. The theme for the show was, surprise! surprise! the millenium. This allowed exhibitors the freedom to decorate the cats enclosures on this chosen theme.

I made a Millenium Bug (do you remember the 'scare' about all the clocks on computers going haywire?) as part of Pod's decorated 'den'. Unfortunately, just before the judging, she decided to start eating her Bug so it had to be packed away ...

Here it is to remind us of her day at the show!!



Farewell Pods .. we'll miss you ..


Yertiz!! The tasty Pods Millenium Bug!!






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