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On Christmas Eve 2012, late in the evening, our beautiful, loving boy Talan died, and we are heartbroken. He was born on Nov 2 2011, so was only just over 1 year old.

He initially left us for his new home in early 2012 but was away only a day or two because he sneezed, and due to the frequent visits of grandchildren it seemed right that he should return to us. He settled back with us and became a part of the family

The start of his 'problems' began when, as he matured, he began to get 'interested' in our girls. So, the decision was taken that a visit to the vets was necessary! Sadly, the  operation was more complicated than was usual. The vets could only find and remove one testicle. A further attempt, with another operation was performed some weeks later, but again failed.

On the suggestion of the vets, we were asked to consider a chemical implant, which would suppress the testosterone. We were advised by Virbac, the drug company, that this implant was licensed for use on dogs, but 'would probably  be OK to use in cats' . This took much thought, and we decided to proceed with this. Although neither we, nor the vets can be 100% sure that this implant was responsible, we remain convinced that the implant seriously affected Talan, who began to show increasing signs of depression, loss of appetite and loss of weight.

He was treated for a raised temperature and the loss of appetite, and showed signs of improvement. Unfortunately this was short-lived, and he had to be fed A/D diet using a syringe regularly through the day for an ongoing period of time. On his last visit to the vets before Christmas his temperature was now, more worryingly, lowered below normal. Medication was given, but shortly after returning home he faded rapidly and died.

As often happens when we lose one of our family, the self-inquests began .. did we make the right decision? .. what else could we have done? ...

Talan is buried near another sad loss  from early this year, that of Bryntin. They are both under our weeping willow tree waiting for the New Year snowdrops.

Talan's loss took the edge off the Christmaasy spirit, and there have been tears a-plenty. We shall miss seeing him on his garden wanders, with his beautiful full brush curved right forward over his back, the tip touching his head. As is often the case with our cats when they near their end, he took a last, shaky walk to a favourite bit of garden in the evening shortly before dying. We know we shall see him on that path with his tail waving as time dims the current intense feeling of loss.

Thank you Talan for your devoted friendship.. I miss your cuddles, and proddling paws!! I shall miss calling your name  ...Ta-alan! , to watch your bouncing appearance from wherever you are, across my knee onto the table and into the crook of my arm.....




"To lose a friend .. no easy way ..

Talan  .. so gentle, loving, kind.

The memories of your last sad days

Have left tearful echoes in my mind"


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