Talan's Special Poem


























Unconditional Love


He was my friend,

A much-loved friend.

My boy Talan was a star.

I only had to say his name,

Or tap the table top,

He came at speed,

Bushy tail spread wide

And curved forward,

Tip touching his head

Using my leg as stepping stone

To land on my arms,

And set about Ďproddlingí me.

Those bright, shining, blue eyes

Hypnotising me, fixing me.

The love in them was

Completely unconditional.

We trusted one another.

Sadly, fate decreed

That Talanís one year of life

Was all we were allowed.

I watched the light

Dimming in his eyes.

He stopped running,

And soon could hardly walk.

On his last day, Christmas Eve,

He found his way

To crawl onto my lap,

As I sat on the landing.

We both knew he was slipping away.

He held me, didnít want to go,

But that evening he died Ö

Be quiet! Big boys donít cry,

 Big boys donít cry!

So the whispered lyrics say,

But I wept for 4 weeks

And still do .. does the ink smudge?

He lies beneath the weeping willow

And the early snowdrops.

 I still see Talan in the garden

Standing there .. tail curved,

Eyes bright .. waiting for me,

And I am sure I see him

Looking at me through the eyes

Of his friends, still here,

Especially Demerara

Who sits, head at an angle

Eye to eye, quizzically asking

Why are you so sad?

I had such plans for Talan

Games we would play

Walks in our garden

Tricks to learn ..

I am left with those

Many happy memories

That will not fade away

So, thank you, my boy, Talan!






































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