"In the beginning there was a Daisy..."


marnoryon an loer = mariners of the moon


This is where it all  started ... on the left our first colourpoint, Daisy,  on the summit of Place Fell (above Ullswater, in Cumbria), with our dogs on her first fell-walking holiday.


 Then, later,  doing 'walkies' in the snow in Sherwood Forest and trying to avoid the arrows from the men in green.

our first colourpoint persian..Daisy in Sherwood Forest


We moved to Cornwall to live here in 1985 bringing our Daisy with us She was registered with the GCCF as Aduelo Moonraker Daisy as we didn't have our Moonmariner prefix then. She was pregnant at that time and on our wet and windy journey to Cornwall from Nottinghamshire we thought every little meow was the 'start' ....... ..... Happily she waited until we, and Pickfords had arrived and unloaded, and at the end of our first week produced her (and our) first litter of 5 healthy Colourpoint kittens. They had been fathered by Acushla Intrigue (Triggy), Pat Melbourne's pride and joy in Ravenshead Nottinghamshire.

On a holiday in West Cornwall before we moved here to live she came along the towans and the beaches with us without lead or harness. When she wanted the 'loo' she sought out a rabbit hole and peed down it.


Here is Daisy (right) following my  trail along the beach at Lelant in Cornwall and giving instructions to her friend Sheba Barrett ... leading to final success ...

 ...well done Daisy ! 

Daisy on Porth Kidney beach with her friend Sheba










Daisy with Cynthia and assorted dogs

Moonraker Daisy ... our 'Star'

Daisy in the goatshed

Over the years, we have been asked why we are called MOONMARINER .

We were going to be Moonraker (the nickname for the Wiltshire's ... the story goes that in the County of that name, a slightly inebriated gentleman tried to rake the moon's reflection out of the local pond !!). However, Moonraker had been 'used' so we kept the MOON part, and combined it with MARINER since we are here in Cornwall surrounded by ocean, and we became MOONMARINER, or, in Cornish


(Mariners of the Moon)


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