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Mrs C Wiltshire

Kidogo Farm




                  TR16 6LB

"When two eyes of blue come smiling through for you..."


Cynthia resting with cats and dogs on guard

Let sleeping moonmariners sleep on


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 01209 717619

and make a date to meet the 'fawn flood' and new offspring...



Please don't do what Buzzy Bea (who lives near the Mendips) did ... ring us`at 6.30 am ... yes, the cat did this`all on his own ! ... he left a miaowessage on the answerphone "Help, feed me, feed me ..."

You are on your last page ... and probably your last gasp !!!

    Your rosette for persistence is 'in the post'



           Processional Persians


There is no

'next page' !!



That's all, folks!!