marnoryon an loer = mariners of the moon


'Honorary' Moonmariners

Gallery 13B

Shap, Border Terrorist ...

and Izzy (Border Collie) ...

are guard dogs for the Moonmariners!




Shap .. flotsam or jetsom?




Shap & Izzy in the potato furrows



"Whoopee !!!"


Bet you can't put both back legs forward like this !




Shap's fierce look


Shap in 'style'



Shap & Izzy drying out






3 x Shap + 3 x Izzy = ?




Shap-ping bag



Izzy and Shap in Unity Woods ...


...and, on the cliffs near St Agnes' Head







(above) Shap-wrecked!


(left) Izzy 'trogladyte'!


(below) Shap-'shifter' ....!!






(left) Izzy and Shap

on the cliffs near St Agnes' Head

(below) Izzy is 'in the dumps'!

and Shap has a 'rollover'!

(or is he dicing with death?)




Shap. posing in Tehidy Woods


Izzy and Shap in 'the fields of barley'



Shap came to us in December 2010 ...

from ...

If you want your own 'Shap' then visit them !




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