marnoryon an loer = mariners of the moon


Beautiful and affectionate kittens .. made in Cornwallbeautiful and loving kittens, made in CornwallBeautiful and affectionate kittens ... made in Cornwall

Moonmariner Galleries

Gallery 12P .. November 2012

Avalon's, Astra's and Celeste's kittens, plus Crista



Lillie discovers aliens amongst the bananas!!








Tango shows no fear!



Tango and Alfie


Alfie, Poppie, Tango and Bibi


Alfie in a box


Alfie in a mood!




Tango hangs on


Alfie and Tango in their tower block

Poppie and Tango


Poppie looks for a phone number



Lillie camcorders herself


Tango on edge again


Alfie thinks we can't see him


Tango on a tangerine background


Bibi posing again!


Crista and Bibi




Alfie and Tango


Alfie wonders where the spiders are ..


Alfie in Crista's clutches


Tango, Lillie and Poppie


Tango and Bibi





Talan and Bibi (now in his new home)






Crista has eaten all the spiders





She checks .. yes, they've all gone






A box of Demerara


A lick from Demerara

Poppie and Tango


Lillie is an exhibitionist


Of that there is no doubt!


Tango on the brink




Lillie and Poppie who are leaving us together


Guess who!!






Lillie likes licking laces!




Tango is still on the brink




Poppie asks "Can Tango come out to ply?"


Poppie says "Aren't I gorgeous!"


Two pictures of Alfie


 whilst he is sitting still!


 "Who!! ... Me??"


 Lillie is a 'looker' and a good-looker!


 Astra, Celeste, Tango

Alfie, Poppie and Lillie



 Poppie poses ...


 ... and again!!


 Astra with her 'boy' Alfie


9 pictures .. Nov 26th


Crista on the stairs





Lillie with Crista



Poppie on my leg


Alfie peeping out


Lillie posing



Tango joins in the peeping



Tango gets 'tangoed'!



"Lost! ..Tango in Paris ! "

Is this where they got the idea for that film?


Tango, Poppie and Lillie


Alfie .. who has now left us for his new home 


Celeste with her two girls,

Poppie and Lillie, shortly before

they left us for their new home ..




Celeste with all three kittens,

Tango, Poppie and Lillie



A last swing at the ball!




Lillie chews through the rope .



Tango eats the head off the giraffe ..

Poppie and Tango observe the damaged giraffe


Lillie decides to finish off George ..


Poppie and Lillie waiting to leave ..


Tango .. December 24th






Tango in the arms of a visiting Heidi!!





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