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Beautiful and affectionate kittens .. made in Cornwallbeautiful and loving kittens, made in CornwallBeautiful and affectionate kittens ... made in Cornwall

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Gallery 12R12    November  2013

(Last page before they leave for their new homes!!)

Celeste's 3 kittens born Sat Aug 3rd

Crista's 2 kittens born Sat Aug 10th

All five are now booked, as at Nov 18th


Megan under wraps ..



Maya and Zoltan star gazing ..



Tango .. you shall go to the Ball



Tango and Zoltan



Megan luxuriating




Zoltan gets wound up






Let's all join in !!




Aimee waits to be groomed



Kelly observes ..




.. and observes ,,



On the right .. Maya tries her zip ..



Just to let Royal Canin know

that our kittens adore their

Royal Canin, both Kitten

and Adult .. so don't forget

the big discount next time !!







Zoltan, deep in thought








 gets her 'turn' on the spring!




Maya and Aimee








Megan and Aimee




<<<< On the left


Maya gives a final wave before leaving us

to move to St Austell



She is now referred to as

"Maya, Duchess of Cornwall" !!






Kelly's 'stair'


Aimee on my jacket


Megan at the water-hole


Zoltan looked for Maya and

eventually thought he'd found her ..

but it was just his reflection ..


Zoltan and Maya were a 'pair'

but he's finally realized she isn't here!



 Five pictures .. November 22nd

Can you name the four

kittens posing here?










November 28th

Zoltan waits to share

my Sugar Puffs with me every morning


November 28th

Tango, Kelly and Zoltan


November 28th

Tango 'smothers', sorry, 'mothers'  Kelly


November 28th

Kelly gets a facewash


November 28th

Two Reds in a bed





November 28th

Kelly she at

Herodsfoot or Jacobstowe?




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