marnoryon an loer = mariners of the moon



Beautiful and affectionate kittens .. made in Cornwallbeautiful and loving kittens, made in CornwallBeautiful and affectionate kittens ... made in Cornwall


Gallery 12X7  January 2015

Salsa's two ktttens

"Kathygow teg ha heGAR

... gwrys yn Kernow!"



Look left, look right!




Look left, look right!




More pictures of Pleggy






Eating my finger ..


On the climbing frame ..




Pleggy has a second 'go' at my finger!


Jan 5th update!

Their 'temporary' names are now

to be replaced with their newly

chosen registered names ...

Sealpoint female Pleg is to be YSELLA

Her brother, seal tabbypoint Mar is TRYSTAN

They are both excellent 'waggers', so

the Wagnerian theme seems apt !!


Eight assorted pictures, Jan 5th/6th

with and without friends!













Below ...


Eight more assorted pictures,

taken Jan 7th and 8th










Two pictures of Ysella .. Jan 10th









Ysella snogs with Kelly!


Ysella and Kelly





Ysella and Trystan




Trystan .. has now gone to live in S Austell !


Ysella .. has now gone to live in Bodmin

Salsa with Trystan and Ivy


(Above) A Kelly, Ysella, Piaf sandwich

(Below) Trystan







Trystan  ... " Swan-Song"!

Just about to leave us for

his new home in St Austell


Below .. a selection of 7 pictures of

Ysella, his sister,  in her new home in Bodmin.

She looks totally at home' already








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