marnoryon an loer = mariners of the moon




Christmas 2010

and New Year

Kitten Galleries 10R


Looking back at pictures received ...



Billy and Willem


Crazy Mazy


Old Rosie


(Below) 6 pictures of Loeren ... aka Gizmo!!

Loeren is quite an athlete ...













(Below) 6 pictures of Seraphina and Zingiber




Here's one in the eye for Zingie






(Below) 5 pictures of Luci and Gemini, in Yeovil








Luci and a local Terrorist



Seraphina posing ...




Zingeber covers Jock's bald patch...

... his usual task is as Sporran partner!



4 pictures of Willo settling in !!




The best present ... at the foot of the Christmas Tree  !


This is a nice warm spot !!


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