marnoryon an loer = mariners of the moon




Christmas 2010

and New Year

Kitten Galleries 10S

Looking back at pictures received ...





Rocco and Rio


Rocco and Rio


Rocco and Rio


Rocco and Rio ... he real McCoy!


Rocco and Rio


".... roasting by an open fire ..."



Rocco and Rio


Saffy of Ponsanooth


Austin Sealey is 'on the box' again !


Widget, Austin and Mikado open their presents!

Corydalis of The Burren. Co. Clare








Moonmariner Merdhen ... 'Merlin'

Visited us on Jan 12th ... 8 more pictures below ..


Merlin, in the lap of Luxury!

... or even , the lap of luxury!


Merlin helps with 7 across (4,4)



...  and gets the answer 'lies down'



Are you seated comfortably? Then I'll begin ..


Merlin ... out of the blue ...



Merlin ... dish of the day

Merlin ... Roger & out!




(left) Merlin is being stolen ... !

(above) Helping with the ironing



Merdhen came to see us on May 26th



 He wandered confidently round the house

as if he'd never been away!!





(left) Nico has been shelved

(below) Nico poses for the camera





(left) Two poses for Serafina


(below Moonmariner Loeren




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