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Beautiful and affectionate kittens .. made in Cornwallbeautiful and loving kittens, made in CornwallBeautiful and affectionate kittens ... made in Cornwall

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Genista's one kitten ... Miss T !!

  Born April 5th 2010


We thought you might like the story of how and why Miss T was named Miss T ...

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Her prospective owners wanted her to be Misty ... but we had had kittens named over the years as Misty, Mistletoe, Mistral, Mistoffeles etc, so the name Miss T was chosen and duly forwarded for acceptance by the GCCF ... it came back as not accepted !!

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The GCCF said the name was not accepted because of the T ... let us explain ... a few years ago we registered a kitten as ET (didn't we all ?) ... although  'ET' is stored on their computer the GCCF made their decision on Miss T based on the premise that 'T' was a one letter word, and we were repeating it in Miss T ... their mistake was in thinking that the accepted name 'ET' was 'E T', thus being two one-letter words !!  So, we gave in to their strange logic, called her Miss Tee on their computer, but to us and her devoted owners she is and always will be Miss T !!


Genista produced two kittens, sadly one lived for only a few days ... these following pages track the survivor, who was named Miss T, from the day she was born to the present time in her home in Sussex

 (below) Genista's two kittens



The survivor ...


Fits nicely into a hand ...


Growing quickly ...


... but still looks small against Genista


Looking more and more beautiful


Miss T thinks she's a Smartie


On me 'ead! ... On me 'ead!


Becoming a lap-cat ...

a sequence of Miss T

using me as a climbing frame






A  sleepy 'Miss T' evening ...  



 ... 10 pictures, June 2nd



















Miss T ... June 7th/8th ... 8 pictures(below) ...


... on top of the world


Please stop flashing that light at me!!

Thank you !! ... (what a Madam !!)


Miss T ... fun with a pigeon feather






Genista traps Miss T in a box !!


"Eyes to die for !!"


Miss T listens to Radio Cornwall on

her personal mini-radio



Five pictures of Miss T either in 'prayer mode', or trying to catch a fly ...










Six pictures of Miss T playing 'footsie'...


... with Cynthia





It's 'curtains' for Miss T...


Miss T says farewell to Tilia on the day she left us to go to her new home in Selsey ... the house will be quiet without her !!

More pictures of Miss T in here new home on the next page ...



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