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Beautiful and affectionate kittens .. made in Cornwallbeautiful and loving kittens, made in CornwallBeautiful and affectionate kittens ... made in Cornwall

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Gallery 11C

Miss T... 'At Home' in Selsey  (2)

Thanks to Chris & Paul for the updates on this young lady's progress !!



Ready for the next activity!



Just form an orderly queue  behind me



That's a rather large keyboard ... let's give it a once-over!


I'll just clean my feet on this towel



In the 'take-off' position ... get set ... go!


Gadzooks! Filed again!



I'm here for my scan


Miss Quer-T



'Soap' addict


Miss T makes the Front Page of the Sunday Times



Looks like it's 10 past 6 !!

A rare, sleeping Miss T !


"I'm coming to take you ..."


"... away !! ..."

" .. Ha! Ha! ..."




This curtain looks tempting ...


OK ! So I killed the monkey !!


A pagoda moment


This is my box ... keep clear !


This is my new friend, Bella ... she's a bit slow !!



(You are on page 11C ... Miss T)