marnoryon an loer = mariners of the moon

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Gallery A


"Your Country Needs You !"


"All the cats in this house seem to live in Morrisons cardboard boxes .. !"

"Can I have 4 candles, please ?"

"..and raspberries to you too !"


"As I was sleeping on the stair, I really didn't have a care"

Little Aslan in reflective mood


"I bet you can't do this .."

"Blimey, Missus,

that's a big bottom !"

"Come one step closer and I'll have you !"


"How much longer must I stand here like this?"

Having a Ming moment

Double Decker kittens


"I think, therefore I am"

"Go on, gissa nuvver bottell !"

"Have you heard this one ...?"


"I don't like these dark evenings !"


"I got this far, now I think I'm stuck !"


"I'll let you out if you say you love me !"

"Is the coast clear ?"

Ishtar en tente cordiale

"It's a triple rollover !"


"It's bumwash time"


Nico, pan-fried!



"May I go to the litter tray now please  ?"

"Let's look thisaway..."


Kool Kat

"Let's look thataway !"


"Oh heck! I think my head has grown since I got in here !"

"I've been triangulated !"

"My only friend in the world !"


Me and my bruvver (1)

Me and my bruvver (2)



"Must finish this before lights out"

Mikado, 'framed'


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