marnoryon an loer = mariners of the moon

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Gallery B

Neroli Roly Poly


Nessum Dorma !

"Peel me another grape, please !"

"Heads ?"


"Or Tails ?"


Is this a round peg in a square hole ?


 Early potatoes from a Scilly cat


"We always bath together !

 "The Bells ! The Bells !"

 "Well ! Stone me !"


What a marf, what a marf, what a norf an saff

 "Who am I ? Where am I ? Where was I going ?"

 "Whoops ! Sorry ! That wasn't the litter tray ... !"


"Halfway out the box is all I can manage !"

 "Never mind the dirty face ! Givvusakiss !"

 Amber says "I'm yours !!"

 "Peak Practice"


"Come one step closer and I'll smack you right in the eye !"

Genista stalking

Baby Astra at rest on the landing


Manx kittens ?


"Oh ! For the Wings, For the Wings of a Dove ... "

Group photograph


"What on earth is that down there ?"


Which kitten is called

Eileen Tudor-Wright ?


Gwyngala goes camping

Cupboard love ?


(On the right) ... "I do solemnly swear that I will maintain order and good behaviour amongst these Colourpoint Persians to the best of my ability"



Irresistible (1)

Amber and Betony posing


Irresistible (2)


My only friend in the whole world


"I think my bum is stuck !"

Much-loved Mandarin


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