marnoryon an loer = mariners of the moon



Moonmariner Galleries

Gallery D

"I'm real groovy under the duvet !"


"I'm bored !"

"I smell Merlot !"

"It's a rollover tonight !"



"I've got that sinking feeling"

"Keeping my baby warm"

"Warming my belly"

A stern look from Demerara

"Reach for the heights !"

"Please send more food !"

Potty training? Or a Ming moment ?


"On reflection !" 


"It's rosewater for me !"


"Sleeping partners"

"Stretched to the limit"

"Take that, you little upstart !"

"Columbine easily takes offence"

"Tree cats ... or is it two ?"


Lyle likes his comforts ! ...


.. and he's also fond of rabbits !


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