marnoryon an loer = mariners of the moon


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Gallery E

 "Waiting for the dawn !"

"Watching the current Soap"


 "We were always such devoted sisters"

 "Where's yo wheely bin ?"




"Who switched off the light at the end of the tunnel ?"




(Below) Comfort Zone at Brea !

 "Who's that knocking at my door ?"


"Crafty Crofty on the Stannah !"

"Jasmim ... book-end"

"I'm sorry, Mr and Mrs Hughes, but we have had to report this running tap to SWW ... why can't you supply this poor cat with a proper drinking bowl ? "


" This yoga position is so relaxing !"


" A small group of Welsh bed-makers"


"Basset eyes his lunch"


"If you go down in the woods today ..."


"I've got that sinking feeling"


Kosmo is 'on the carpet' yet again !!

A 'Mingki' moment ... two 'potty' poses

(there's only one 'P' in potty!!)


"These metal beds can be quite cold in the winter "


"May the bird of paradise fly up your nose"



"I'll string along with you .."


Relaxed !

... still in the comfort zone


Boxed in





Freya ... it's in the bag


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