marnoryon an loer = mariners of the moon


Moonmariner Galleries

Gallery F

A young Ishtar ... ol' blue eyes!


Tilia ... on string-watch

Tilia, with friends Big Frank and Ginger Cookie

There's no racial prejudice here !


Matilda ... eyes to die for !


Above and below ...  sleepers !


Put 'em up! Put 'em up!



Ishtar, counting the sleepers

Isla, trying to look fierce












Aslan, succeeding in looking innocent


Ayesha, about to pounce



I is Isis


Gwyngala, back from the vets, after being speyed ...



 ... suddenly sees the funny side to all this and laughs so much she's in stitches !!





Here is Demerara in kangaroo mode, chasing after a collar dove

Gossamer snogging with Calico






  Bluebird watches and listens to the excerpt from the Sound of Music >>>


"Edelmeiss ... Edelmeiss,

Oh how lovely to eat you,

Small and white,

Just my height,

We're all happy to meet you ... "


Kosmo ... table dressing


Minki in the mixing bowl


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