marnoryon an loer = mariners of the moon



Moonmariner Galleries

Gallery H




Gwyngala (Cornish for September) ... celebrating her first anniversary with Gillian by going camping together in the New Forest. Here she is, practising in the garden ... but, will there be room in there for Gillian ... ?


"Stuff this camping lark ! It's too cold ... I'll cuddle up to the warm kettle instead !"

Jade, deep in thought


Jade and Jilly ... Jade is helping Alwyn to get Jilly

to behave in a more friendly manner !



Demerara is hypnotised


Demerara, still in a trance



Demerara is here seen practising for the Von Mouse Trapp choristers ... nice voice ... bit on the 'brown' side. and perhaps a little sweet and sugary


Gossamer has a 'little light behind'!!



Gossamer shows off her tail ...


Bluebird ... now lives in Egloshayle






 Demerara whispers a little joke in Genista's ear



Which twin has the 'Toni'?


Genista, now a big, beautiful girl pottering around in the garden in a brief spell of 'summer' sunshine .. we think it was about 2.25pm on Thursday afternoon May 23rd !


Astra learns how to play the circular ocarina


Astra...just looking beautiful...

Poor little Moonmariner Astra !

Oh dear! What a total disastra!

Her best friends (her what ?)

Have just scoffed the lot

We said " Astra, you'll have to be fastra !" 


 Celeste still loves her kitten Astra ...



 ... here's the proof !



Tilia ... 'The Cat Sat on the Mat'


 "What a load of rubbish !"



Bruno ....



... big game hunter !


Demerara ... practising climbing the beanstalk in preparation for next year's pantomine ...



Gossamer ... "I want to be alone !"


Sparring partners ...


... Gossamer gets the better of Demerara !!



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