marnoryon an loer = mariners of the moon


Kathygow teg ha hegar, gwrys yn Kernow

Beautiful and affectionate kittens .. made in Cornwallbeautiful and loving kittens, made in CornwallBeautiful and affectionate kittens ... made in Cornwall

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Amber (Seal tortiepoint)

 and Betony (Seal tortietabbypoint)

Just posing !!

Just posing !!

Going up in the world !!


Real value !!


Trying to escape !!


Amber says "Come on Sis"

Mum says "Go on Bets, it's quite safe"


Betony says " What's it like down those stairs?"


Genista says "I think Im losing control of these two"


Betony finally makes it to the 'tower'


Amber gets on the Monk Seat !!


Just posing again !!


Look at the destruction they have caused already!!


"It wasn't us, Sir"


Three pictures of Amber and Betony Saturday May 16 ... the morning after their first vaccination ... both OK ... appetites unaffected ... and, in our house, we do 'what it says on the box' !!

May 31st ... Betony and Amber

May 31st ... Betony talks quite a lot!

May 31st ... Betony and Amber ....


... have a mutual 'lick-in' !


Cuddling up on the window ledge ... June 12

Both kittens are now in their new homes ...

Amber is in Wadebridge

Betony is in Wolverhampton

May they both have long, healthy happy lives !!

The house is quiet without them ...




Four pictures of Amber (end of July) well settled ...


.. in her new home in Wadebridge !!



Three pictures of Bets (Betony) in her new home ...


... on the left emerging from the pond after falling in three times ... perhaps she enjoys it?

...and below, sparring with her companion Evie in the garden


Four more pictures of Amber ...



... in the garden at Wadebridge







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