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The Saga of Tilia the Hun


Look at me, I'm Tilly Tilly Ossempeffer

One of the katz in Ellen-Bogen-by the-sea

My proper name ? Moonmariner Tilia, if you prefer

I'm the naughty one who trains the kittens ? Yes, it's me !

Ellen-Bogen-by the-sea is close to oft-visited Tresoddett

Just along the coast from Llamedos, much famed

Here I live with other persians, but to me it seems quite odd, it

Was after a tall lime tree I was named

Yes, I'm named after a linden tree within Tehidy Park

I'm a seal-point colourpoint persian, eyes deepest blue

I'm beautiful, I'm a Champion and my 'mask' is very dark

Plain dark chocolate are my ears and paws and tail too

Of nicknames I have many, sometimes Tilia the Hun

And Tilly 'Trick or Treat' for all my sins

I can't help it if all that I want is for us to have fun

Causing trouble for my persian kiths and kins

I climb on shelves and cupboards finding things to throw to ground

Where the others play with them so madly

Then, when Cynthia comes in, they're in trouble, found

With these 'toys' which I've supplied quite gladly

From the garden I fetch large dried rustling leaves

Telling kittens that these things are little mice

At their age these minimariners are always so naive

But they learn how to be naughty in a trice

Yes, I really, really, really am Tilly Tilly Ossempeffer

One of the katz in Ellen-Bogen-by the-sea

And there's nowhere else in Cornwall that to be I would prefer

Than here with the Moonmariners ... that's me !!








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