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Bruno puts in an appearance


“On Rearing the First Cuckoo Offspring”


For all these years, steadfast and true

 Moonmariners we’ve been …

Breeding cats with ‘proper’ faces

 You’ll know just what we mean!

So now we’re joined by Bruno

 Who looks different to the rest.

You might think of him among the gang

 As ‘a cuckoo in the nest’.

But no! He ‘carries’ colourpoint

 And will help improve our stock,

Though some offspring might be ‘tabby’

And some ‘solid’ .. what a shock!

And though some noses may be highish

 They’ll be no higher than at present ..

The faces of Moonmariners

 Will always be presentable and pleasant.

You’ve only to hear the Von Mouse Trapp choir

 They certainly don’t sing wheezilly

You’ll see that they can all say “TUNES …

 They help us breathe more easily!”

So, welcome little Bruno …

The brown tabby cuckoo in the nest!

You’ll be a grand addition to our Persians,

Everyone will be impressed !


©  Lahka Zendin 2009



“The best laid plans of mice and men …”


But sadly it was not to be

For Bruno was averse

To all our cats we classed as ‘she’

Sexually, he was perverse!

For him the cushy life to be a pet

Was all that he desired

So, he made ‘that journey’ to the vet

No cuckoo offspring will be sired!


©  Addis Bitsoff 2010
































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