marnoryon an loer = mariners of the moon


Swingletree Crista 

has joined the Moonmariners



 "Here I am. folk!! "

Making a mental note of my new surroundings


I think I'm on the wrong rung ?


 They've let the cat out of the bag this time!






Looks innocent ... !!!



.. but we are discovering the truth!!


Waiting for her grooming session



Three pictures August 20th

(left, and below)


Scragging the bag of cotton wool



Who? Me?




Crista .. well settled in! .. waiting for

her grooming session, and(below) having

taken charge of a cat basket

on the upstairs landing!








Crista demolishes Miss Tee's feather duster


Crista emerges from her Crista-lis!



Crista 'lurks' !



Crista looks !


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