Our Stud Cats


These are our 3 current stud cats ....


marnoryon an loer = mariners of the moon

Champion Deebees Mr Cookie on the top shelf waiting for his girl-friend Tilia. On the other hand, if she isn't available, one of the others will do !! Talek has a deep, almost 'rusty' voice. He and Zaban compete for the title of 'voice of the balls' !!

He is a chocolate tabby point, and is known to us as Talek.  His date of birth was 18_08_03




Moonmariner Zaban

Zaban is Cornish for 'pine tree'.




Our boy Zaban !! Boxed in ..



Zaban has now 'retired' from these

demanding stud duties!!



Shou Kathmando


There he is (below) being 'strangled' by Cynthia !

He has now retired from stud duties!!

Katmando is a lilac point ... he is now well settled here with the Moonmariners and has produced some fine kittens for us ...

... including (with Genista) Kiki & Merryn ...

(with Astra) Rio & Rocco ...

and most recently ...

(with Avalon) Loeren, Pumpkin, Willo, Serafina & Merdhen.




 June 25th 2012 ..  introducing our latest addition

to the Boys on the Block


Dreamers Red Hot Lover



He will be known to us as  ADIE

( Kat Adie ! ..  our front-line reporter!)







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