\\marnoryon an loer = mariners of the moon


Blasts from the recent past!

.. here, Austin Sealy!



Rocco ... ol' blue-eyes!!



Phoebe ... belly up!





(left) Seraphina

(below) Zingiber

... both looking very pensive!



Moonmariner Amber of Heamoor ...


... and Moonmariner Brakken, sister to Piaf






More Maddy





No .. not a colourpoint persian, but one of a litter of 5 kittens found ,covered in brick dust, in the old Redruth Brewery. She could have been named Red Ruth, but as the last one rescued and homed was called Perdita. There she is all cleaned up on the right!!


Isla and Solo of Falmouth



and Isla

 Premier Moonmariner Morwenna

(aka Marchioness Bonnie Joll of Troon)




(Below) A 'coy' Corrie (Coriander)

of The Burren, County Clare


More pictures of Solo (below)


Moonmariner Solo comes to visit ..

Here is Derek struggling up the drive under the 16lb weight of Solo !!












.. and, on the right, and below...

Moonmariner Orionn (Indie)



Zingeber, mathematical expert, when asked

"Is 7919 a prime number?" answered,

"Yes it is, and it is the 1000th prime number .. but my Dad said that my Mum is a Prime Number ..

.. can that be right?







in a



Moonmariner Madigen .. May 2011


Moonmariner Madigen June 2012

Now living on Orkney



He was’Something Else Again’ !

He was our kitten, Madigen!

And now our stripey Maddy

Is a proper Hie’land Laddy

He gets that ‘sinking’ feeling now and then!  

In the summer there it’s always light

It isn’t dark at night

But it’s beyond our ken ..

Maddy, chasing Orkney hens?

Is it for fun, or does he whet his appetite?

‘Neath the Aurora Borealis

Maddy serves a clever purpose

Fetching food for Mum & Dad

Saving money! Clever lad!

There’s Moonmariner cunning in his madness!


The Plymouth contingent ..

.. are all totally 'laid back'!





Some cats go through doorways, some try to get through under the door, but ..

Betsi-Widget (on the right)

 .. has to be, totally 'over the top'!




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