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marnoryon an loer = mariners of the moon

Our Cornish home



We live here at Kidogo Farm (Kidogo is not Cornish, but a Swahili word meaning 'small'), which at one time was the 'home' farm for the mining community and the centre for get-togethers and celebrations. It is now just a two acre small-holding consisting of the house, a variety of outbuildings, a one acre field and a number of separate little gardens. Some of these are fairly wild (one is referred to as 'A'n Lowarth Gwylls' which is Cornish for 'wild garden'). Our Persians live with us in the house, apart from the stud cats who each have their own substantial 'houses'with inside rooms which can be heated in winter, and outside runs with built in commando courses.



<<< On the left is Ch. Moonmariner Columbine gatecrashing the party , after 'mouse duty' with Calico in the goat shed

During the day, whilst we are at home and not walking with the dogs, our cats are exploring in the garden with us. They have access to all the wildness, trees etc., so long as the weather is not too ferocious, and enjoy their freedom and exercise. They generally follow us around wherever we are on the property, and are often referred to as 'the fawn flood' by visitors. At 'coming in time' they are generally good at coming to our call. In the house we often refer to them as 'the living duvet' ... sit on the stairs and they cover you with warmth !!

Sassafras, Nutmeg and Sienna


Some of the 'fawn flood' sunning themselves


A small contingent of the 'fawn flood' off to the field to see the ducks and geese.

Our cats enjoy a full home environment (inside and out), knowing that they are totally loved through being with us, handled and played with for as much time as we can give them. Our kittens do not go outside whilst we are raising them towards their 12th week and their final vaccination,  when they are almost ready to go. Those we keep are then allowed to follow the older ones outside if they wish. When our little ones leave us they are healthy, confident, lively, loving and have acquired good 'habits' with just a modicum of naughtiness. For those kittens we keep and raise as breeding stock (or those we 'buy in') when their breeding life is through (at 7 or 8 years) then, as neuters, they stay with us, still as our pets and often acting as aunties and uncles to the newer generations of kittens.


When we sell our kittens we almost invariably sell them as pets, and at a 'sensible' pet price. We do not ask the very high prices expected by some breeders. We are keen to learn as much as possible about the prospective buyer, preferably by their visiting us here where we can see how our kittens bond with them.

We rarely sell even potential breeding stock on the 'active list'  to be bred from, unless very occasionally to a registered reputable breeder. Our interest in our Persians is purely that they are our 'family' and this is our hobby, albeit a loss-making one. Our most important aim is that those kittens we sell end up with owners who love them as we do, and give them a permanent loving home, even though we say 'they are still ours, and are only on loan'


Guard geese !!

In the field we have large guard geese who are inclined to nip the bum of anyone passing near them .... here we have three on duty.


Izzy on Zennor Quoit

When the cats are in the garden our dogs are around as well and let us know if any visitors are at the farm gate.      This is Izzy posing on a day out on Zennor 'Quoit' on the moors above Zennor.


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