marnoryon an loer = mariners of the moon



 Who we are and

 where we are (A)

There are more pictures of local wildlife

and scenery on the following pages ..

Here we are with Izzy on the old cartwheel seat in Cubert on our way to Polly Joke and Holywell Bay.


We are Cynthia and Terry Wiltshire,

 two 'emmets' enjoying living here in Cornwall. We breed Colourpoint Persian Cats in a wide variety of 'point' colours  (both solid and tabby), including seal, chocolate, red, cream, lilac, seal-tortie, chocolate-tortie, blue-cream, and others, in all some twenty variations. All our Persians are blue-eyed.  We often name our cats (those who live here) after trees, plants and flowers.

We live on a smallholding in an ex-tin-mining hamlet called Treskillard which is situated in the Red River valley behind Carn Brea, a prominent feature on the spine of West Cornwall and on your left as you pass along the A30 from Redruth towards the West.



A visiting Comma butterfly

resting on nettles





Dragonfly, hanging on!

In the Red River Valley





Misty morning at Wheal Coates


Wheal Coates and cliffs near St Agnes'


Another dragonfly .. on the car aerial


Newly hatched ducklings .. July 27 2014


Teatime for the Moonmariners ...


(above) Resident Red Admiral  (barcoded identity)

(below) Now perched on Cynthia's shoulder




Peacock butterfly in our field


Seals, near Godrevy



(left) Godrevy Lighthouse

(below)  heads down ...  and heads up






Passing curlews at Marazion



Shelduck coming in to 'land' .. Sandsifters


Do you have trouble on 'the web'?

Here, two spiders are in territorial conflict


Heron .. Hayle river


Oyster Catcher .. Marazion


'Holey' rock .. Black cliffs, Hayle


Octavia (Mother Goose) performing a training session with her 'flock'




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