marnoryon an loer = mariners of the moon


 Where we are (B)

 A miscellany of more pictures taken


Most captions omitted ..

...what can you identify?

There are no prizes!!


"Move over you two .. coming in to land ..!"



Cornwall Rugby Team Mascot?





You are being watched!


 Assorted butterflies ...

can you identify them ?


Has 'it' been and gone?















Shady goings-on in Tehidy Woods!



The Titfer Tree in Tehidy Woods




Do you feel yourself heading 'this way'?




It says 'This is not The National Trust'

Where is it?









Communal money-spider fly trap!



No! Not dandelions, but a 'close relative'!



















Kelyonnen Cober Kernewek!

There's a sting in the tail ..



On Carn Brea, you are still being watched!



How many straw bales?





What has the picture of Izzy

got to do with Susan George?



You are not the only one to experience

trouble 'on the web'!

Here we have  a territorial conflict!




Colour in the rocks on the beach

at Chapel Porth, near Wheal Coates




'Twin Peaks' ??

Do you remember it on TV?


In the Shadow of the Comma


I’m just a little Comma.

I’m a punctuation mark.

If I’m not used properly,

We’d all be in the dark

I’m good at ‘separating’,

A kind of breathing space.

Clause, comma, clause.

It’s true, I know my place.

I might be an apostrophe,

Then I’d be right up high.

For example, read this line,

See me? In your mind’s eye!

I can be most possessive,

As in “My father’s car”.

Or in place of, say, an “I”

When we say “It’s ajar”.

I have a friend, a full stop,

And a cousin who’s a colon.

At times I share a job with him,

As a hardworking semicolon.

But here. I am just resting

In the Cornish Autumn sun!

As I pause and close my wings:

Look! A comma! on e ach wing, one!












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