marnoryon an loer = mariners of the moon


 Where we are  (C)

 A miscellany of yet more pictures taken


Most captions omitted ..

...what can you identify?

There are no prizes!!


'Rush Hour' in Treskilard .. October 2014


7 pictures













Gwithian .. the last of the Indian Summer ..



Pas de lieu ... Rhone .. Que nous!











Patterns in the sky over St Ives Bay




Enjoyment,  in the sky and on the beach!





One of a number of flocks

of Canada Geese coming

in to land on the Nature

Reserve lake beside the

Sandsifters ...










Porthtowan .. November 5th






(above) Shap & Izzy .. beachcombers!

(left) Distant view of Wheal Coates

(below) Two 'shap'wrecked canines,

and Shap travelling at full speed!



Nov 13th .. Gwithian rocks .. stormy day



4 Oyster-Catchers



Close up of 3 of them


6 Sanderlings


9 Sanderlings


"You're not the only pebble on the beach!"



Godrevy light on Nov 13th


Godrevy light on Nov 12th


Panorama, from The Knavacks carn, looking across St Ives Bay towards the moors of Penwith


Shap & Izzy at the Knavacks Trig point


Godrevy light beyond the 'seal cove'



Beach 'caves'

at Chapel Porth


Five pictures












Ducks and

Drakes in the

Red River at



 Rising fungus in Tehidy Wood



 Izzy nd Shap in their Tehidy Wigwam



Izzy peeps through the Men-an-Tol


  and so does Shap, on Christmas Day, 2014


Shap is 'stumped' in Scorrier Woods


Bluebells in Scorrier Woods

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